About no-smoking signage

No-smoking signage in smoke-free premises

The legislation requires those responsible for smoke-free premises to display at least one no-smoking sign in a prominent position at each public entrance.

This sign must:

  • be a flat, rectangular sign that is not less than 148 millimetres by 210 millimetres;
  • bear the international no-smoking symbol (in full colour) at least 75 millimetres in diameter;
  • contain, in characters that can be easily read, the following words: ‘No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in these premises’.

On the sign, the words ‘these premises’ may be replaced by words referring to the particular smoke-free premises, for example, ‘this hotel’.

A no-smoking sign that displays the international no-smoking symbol (in full colour) is the minimum requirement at entrances to smoke-free premises which:

  • are located within other smoke-free premises (for example, a shop within an indoor shopping centre); or
  • are for staff only (providing that the premises displays at least one rectangular sign).

To download PDF files of the no-smoking signage click on the links below:

Rectangular sign (148mm x 210mm)

A4 poster

Rectangular Sign (Irish translation)

No-smoking signage in smoke-free vehicles

The legislation requires those responsible for a smoke-free vehicle to display a no-smoking sign in each compartment. These no-smoking signs must display the international no-smoking symbol in full colour and at least 75mm in diameter.

To download a PDF file of the no-smoking signage for vehicles click on the link below:

No-smoking vehicle sign

Additional supplies of the signage and guidance will also be available free of charge by contacting your district council’s environmental health department.

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