The Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 made provision for the prohibition of smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces. The law was introduced to give everyone in Northern Ireland space to breathe. This website was developed as a source of information, guidance and resources in support of the smoke-free legislation. The legislation continues to be of interest, so the site is kept live as an archive; however, it is no longer maintained. 

Since Monday 30 April 2007, it is against the law to smoke in enclosed and substantially enclosed workplaces and public places, and in certain vehicles. The introduction of this law, which has received overwhelming support across Northern Ireland, protects workers and the public from the serious health effects of second-hand smoke. This website, along with a high profile advertising campaign and information leaflet, provides useful information about the smoke-free law and how it affects you.

A smoke-free legislation guidance document for workplaces and organisations is available to download in English or Irish.

A sample smoke-free policy can be downloaded here.

The final regulations can be viewed here.

You can use the menu on the left to see all the information available. Key sections include:

  • Smoke-free legislation guidance document in English or Irish.
  • No-smoking signage (examples of the no-smoking signs which comply with the smoke-free legislation can be downloaded here). 
  • Questions and answers.
  • Second-hand smoke and health.
  • Smoke-free legislation information leaflet (translations of the information leaflet are available as PDF files in Portuguese, Slovak, Polish, Lithuanian, Urdu, Russian, Complex Chinese and Latvian).

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