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Major study to assess exposure to second-hand smoke in Northern Ireland

The Health Promotion Agency for Northern Ireland (HPA) has commissioned a team of researchers from the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Edinburgh to investigate the impact of the smoking restriction in enclosed public places on residential tobacco smoke levels. The survey will take place during March 2007 via telephone at home or in shopping centres, supermarkets and workplaces throughout Northern Ireland.  

Five hundred non-smokers who share a home with at least one smoker will be recruited. Participants will be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire on smoking patterns in the home and other areas. It will also ask questions about minor health problems. In addition, air nicotine measurements will be carried out in 100 homes.

This study will be repeated in 12 months time to investigate whether residential exposure to second-hand smoke has changed among non-smokers who share a house with smokers. The study is looking for volunteers so any non-smokers who live with smokers and are interested in participating are asked to call the researchers using the freephone number 0800 023 2993.  

A second study will investigate childhood exposure to second hand smoke and MVA Consultancy has been commissioned to undertake the research.

The study will consist of two surveys, one will be conducted before the smoke-free legislation is in place and another one year after the legislation comes into effect. The study will focus on one of each P7 class from 125 randomly selected primary schools throughout Northern Ireland. Each pupil in the class will complete a confidential questionnaire on a range of topics including smoking among pupils, friends and family (where smoking occurs) and attitudes to smoking and second-hand smoke.

The research is funded by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.  

Click here to download the Monitoring and evaluation action plan to measure the impact of the prohibition of smoking in enclosed public places (PDF 25.9KB).

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